Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Final Compositions: Accordion Style Book

To start, I found a plethora of great moments in my photocopies and projections.  Using the given parameters of 7x7 almost made it easier to choose which composition I wanted to go with.  To be able to magnify those moments with templates was nice as well.  I find it incredible that this project went from rough sketches to a meticulously arranged accordion fold book with type and image pairings. It makes me wonder whether or not I would have done the same compositions had I known I would be doing a book from the very beginning.  I did discover during this project, however, that it's okay to let some things go, or to edit out compositions all together. It is also interesting that the lines studies I created mock so many environmental/real-world compositions. Creating those juxtapositions was difficult, but you either picked one that automatically worked or there was some intense rotating and cropping involved. 

Page One: Optimistic
The composition has an overall upward feeling, which is why I chose optimistic.The hint of trees on the right side of the page foreshadow the trees that are on the next page.

Page Two: Alienation
The oversized "o" in the word is playing off of the aura of light in the photograph.

Page Three: Successful
The placement is reminiscent of text that is supposed to be read from left to right.
Success is placed closest to the top, because it hints at "being on top" to be successful.

Page Four: Annoyed
I tried to enhance the rays of sunlight, because they can be annoying. 

Page Five: Envy
I chose envy because  the viewer can be envious of the flowers beauty. 

Page Six: Pride
The columns in the photograph are strong and prideful.  The word pride lines 
up with the windows in the image.  

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