Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Typeface Compositions

These are my final compositions for my Typography class. I chose a Din typeface, and a Baskerville typeface due to their contrasting stroke width and geometric vs. organic curves. I was required to put them into compositions that were interesting and kept the letterform legible at the same time.  If I were to make the letter too large the viewer wouldn't be able to recognize that it was still the letter A.

We had to integrate images into our type compositions for our final presentation, and I especially enjoyed working with these images.  The overall theme was Atlas and America since I had the letter A.  The World War II propaganda is used to accentuate the meaning of America.  I also used an old atlas that found and inverted the map inside.  The atlas helps to speak to the origin of America, and overall the compositions seem to convey America conquering all.  

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