Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vector vs. Bitmap


Pros: My analog shapes can be resized to any dimension w/o losing clarity. 

Cons: I will lose the detail and the mid-tones of my analog shapes.  They would have to be simplified, and they would lose their three-dimensional aspect.  


Pros: It offers more color information, which is good in my case.  My analog shapes contain more of a grayscale rather  than a solid black shape.  It also is good because I will be able to keep my original images without simplifying them.  I want to to keep all of the speckles, splatters and the different tints and shapes of those elements. 

Cons: I wouldn't be able to scale my analog shapes up without them becoming pixelated.  I have to work in a largescale to create more pixels so that I have a clearer image and crisper lines. 

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