Monday, January 26, 2009

Reading 1: Practice Noticing Stuff

How does this reading relate to the project?

For this project and most others, we are expected to constantly gain inspiration by taking everything around us into account.  We collect items, photographs, and memories in order to gain ideas outside our own realm of thought, and it expands our creative thinking for future projects to come.  The reading emphasizes recording anything that "you would find interesting" on a daily basis, which is what we are doing for this first project by collecting materials for our two-word stories.  We have to be in a massive collecting mode in order to gain enough objects/ images /whatever we can find, so that we can successfully represent our story without the actual title.  

Why blogs?

Blogs are an easy to use/ easy to understand resource in which students can document their learning and inspirations.  Teachers and professionals can easily access them as well in order to observe a students process and/or to touch on the students work-habits and personality.  

What are your goals for the blog this semester? 

I hope to achieve a professional looking blogspace that incorporates a good mix of process, final work and any little tidbits that I find interesting along the way. 

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