Saturday, March 21, 2009

Final Summation of Icons

With my icons I tried to stress the consistency, and I also started with an unnatural direction. I was organic when it came to my initial illustrations of these icons. I was pushed into a more abstract and geometric direction. The geometric direction was good for me, because I believe that it helped me to abstract realistic forms more feasibly.

When I started to add color to my icons I tried to again stress consistency. One way I went about that was by keeping the outline of each icon the same color. I chose four colors to be used in my three-color system, because it gives the set more of a variety. The connotations of my color palette are: natural, organic, edible, tasty, delicious, decadent, rich, cozy, warmth, fresh, organic, digestible, humble, and calming. I also gave my colors specific names with what they directly connote in a beverage. They are chocolate syrup, raspberry drizzle, foam, and espresso. One of my goals for my icon set was to make the icons edible. I tried to keep colors consistent with what they might realistically be, such as; the muffin is largely the espresso color due to the fact that the actual color of a real muffin is closest in hue. I tried to keep all my icons consistent by applying an action and highlighting that action with the use of a separate color if it was possible. I mainly used the red to highlight those points since red is such a bold color.
I found that keeping the icons proportionate to each other as the most difficult part of the process. When one icon seemed too small I would enlarge it, and have to change the overall stroke width, so that took some patience. When it came to developing a color scheme I had a lot of fun choosing colors. It was a nice resource to have our research booklets as our source for our color swatches. It gave great justification for the colors used, and it was nice not having to search for colors because they were right their in your hand.

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jamie said...

Top filter is fading off the page b/c color is so close to white.

The button on the espresso maker is also getting lost due to low contrast with the fill color.

Keeping strokes same color is a good way to maintain consistency and legibility.

What are the name of your colors!?!