Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diagram Process

This is my initial final diagram print out that we critiqued and wrote all over. It helped to print out a color diagram, and it also helps to write flat on top of it. By circling small pin points and actually sketching out what I want to do it allows me to really see what might happen. I can actually see what my mind is thinking through manual corrections. From this diagram I came up with the one below.

I have added many new features to my diagram. They include: a new Starbucks image, which is the actual cupholder, a trade stamp outline, smaller diagonal background, a coffee bean photo in the shape on the right, and various other attributes. I find that working with this diagram a little every day really helps me see it fresh every time. I could think something is working one day see it the next, and realize that it actually isn't. I find that I also come up with small ideas that help the composition as a whole, and voila the diagram is closer to being a "good" final product.

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