Monday, April 27, 2009

Juxtaposition Imagery and Process

I am finding that in my process I am moving in a good direction, and I feel that narrowing myself down to strictly imagery in the background and not pattern is a good thing. I enjoy the contrast of the red on the black and white photographs. I am aware that my images aren't quite a cohesive set and that their are different time periods being highlighted, so I decided to go in a 1950's coffee trade direction. I feel that by putting the past in the mix it will emphasize the fact that fair trade has been an issue for a long time. I also enjoy the "space age" design of the espresso machines in that time period, and the fact that we as a culture embraced espresso bars in more than just a communicative way. I feel that the coffee house at that time period was important due to the fact that WWII was revealing what was going on in other countries. The editorial photography of that generation raised awareness of other countries conditions, and people would gather to discuss about it in the coffee shop.

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