Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final Promotional Materials: What I Learned

We started this project by collaboratively creating two word stories, and I chose “coffee shop”. Later in this project I chose a greater theme that my icons systematically related too and that is Fair Trade. I then put this system into a diagram of which I had to follow a specific list of criteria that formally aided my composition.
When I created these promotional materials I took into account many of the criteria that we used for our diagram. For example: Is there successful employ of hierarchy? I would say yes to this criteria, because the word culture reads first in my street banner design followed by the black and white image anchored by the coffee cup icon. The Smithsonian icon and summer 2009 read last, which is what I wanted. By establishing criteria in my projects I can be consistent and critical with my work, and by going back to older steps I can realize what’s working so that I can employ those attributes effectively.

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