Sunday, August 30, 2009

Find + Share: Rhetorical Tropes

I went to the central library with a couple of lovely ladies and we came across many rhetorical tropes, not to mention an "I want you" poster that only cost $1 when it first came about!!! I chose this poster because it is asking us to make it a law to the set the clock an hour ahead for daylight savings time. I also see some interesting correlations with rhetoric when it comes to convincing the viewer that the government is superior.
In this poster I saw that "daylight" represents "the good" and it is surrounding the capital, and so by mailing one of these postcards to the capital it is also saying that you are supporting "the good" a.k.a the government. I say "the good" because in my Western Thought II class we are currently discussing Plato and he describes the sunlight as the ultimate good. This poster uses synechdoche with the capital representing the whole government. It also represents allegory because the literal device is the red sunlight around the capital that represents the idea that the government emits light (good).

allegory / metaphor / hyperbole (the ratio between the guns and the animals).

antithesis / synecdoche / allegory.

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