Thursday, August 27, 2009


The piano (Frishbergs instrument of choice) is mostly made of geometric shapes with the linear structure of piano keys. The straight up and down parallel form of the keys are representative of rhythm and repetition. I have come up with a few ideas dealing with the format of the posters and how I can relate the form of my posters the form of the piano keys. The black and white keys also condone contrast, which is something I will consider when it comes to the color of my poster.

In my research of texture I realized that any sort of repetition can create a texture. the repetition of an object can also correspond to a rhythm. In my thought process I am trying to discover what sort of pattern can denote a rhythm commonly found in Jazz. I have noticed, while listening to some of Dave Frishbergs' music that it possesses a constant rhythm with some awkward stops in order for him to do "robato" which is a more conversational style of singing.

When it came to colors for my visual research I looked at some older Jazz posters when I visited the Jazz museum in Kansas City. Lady Sings the Blues makes use of one color and highlights important shapes with the use of color,like the profile of the singers face in a high contrast blue. I was also thinking that since the show is titled "An Evening with Dave Frishberg" that the colors from an evening sunset would be appropriate since they are usually high in contrast as well.

When it comes to typefaces I want to go with a typeface that has movement and energy. I want the typeface to represent the upbeat style of Jazz as well as Frishbergs' witty lyrics. I am thinking Univers or Future italicized.

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