Sunday, September 27, 2009

Final Storyboard Animations

The overall idea of this project was realizing the difference between a narrative and a story by knowing "how" to relay a series of events to a viewer, in which the narrative is the "how" and the story being the actual "series of events".
In my narrative I chose to show the viewer a sequential golf swing from a first person point of view and a third person point of view. My duration of time in this event was limited since essentially a golf swing lasts, maybe 5 seconds in reality. The challenge was making this short moment interesting.
I wanted to comment on the game of golf being a "rich man" sport in a fun and contrasting way by substituting a diamond in for the ball. I chose to take advantage of MISE-EN-SCENE in my narrative by setting up my own photo-shoot. I chose to dress my subject in a prototypical 1950's golf attire and photographed him on a dated golf course. In this scenario I also took advantage of temporal distortion by sending the viewer back in time, which helps to make this brief moment a little more captivating. I also included diagrammatic shapes on top of the subject that reveal a dated display of how to swing the club, which I discovered in book that was written in the last 1950's.
The third person point of view is the most interesting since there is more context in the composition of each photograph. I found that when i combined the two points of view it helped to relate a more interesting narrative structure. By transitioning from third person to first person it emphasizes the rudimentary skill-set of a golf swing, in which they always say "never take your eye off the ball", or in this case "never take your eye off the diamond". It shows the subject staring at the diamond until he makes contact in which I stop the transitions back to first person and focus on him in the third person actually watching the diamond fly away.

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