Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Animation

The main focus for this project was text communication and the temporal elements of motion and transition. My initial noun was "diamond", and my three verbs were glisten, soar, and fracture.
In the beginning I thought creating my animation only in digital form with text would be viable, however I found that the final product was boring, not exciting, and lacked personality and character. I changed my Kinetic type last minute from digital to analog form. I used small jewels to form words and conveyed action and movement through stop motion techniques.
Some moments where my transitions help are when we see the golfer looking down on the diamond and it zooms towards the viewer forcing us inside of the diamond to see it "glisten". I also used timing to make moments more impactful, like in the end where the word "diamond" on the bench breaks and it quickly flashes to "The End" frame leaving time to digest some of the humor.
The addition of sound was last minute and I though it was appropriate since many silent films use music to set a certain mood. I tried to punctuate certain moments in my animation with audio, such as the diamond Jerkily coming at us hits an accented note in the music.
Overall I tried to create a cohesive theme in my animation, which was the idea of a silent film, and the addition f the kinetic type gives the film more cadence and depth.

A Diamond in The Rough / A silent film from Andrea 'Mo' Morris on Vimeo.

Credited sources:
Audio Track is "AT FW you" by the Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy. The Album title is Cornell 1964

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