Friday, October 23, 2009

Non-Linear Framework: Sound

These are my initial sketches for my flashwork in my animation. All of them start with a run through of my original animation to fully engage the veiwer/user and to give them an idea of how my interactive aspects will work.

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thenewprogramme said...

image 1
from what i can tell, you are making clicks to select objects, then play a particular movie that includes what you clicked. technically speaking, the only way you can make that work is if you make a new movie with each new "diamond action" in each movie. that way, you are performing a very basic action like you will be (somewhat) restricted to.

the basic actions i will demo are "click to activate/stop a movie" and "click to activate / stop a sound". anything above and beyond that is up to your initiative, but i certainly will allow anything you can manage to figure out.

image 2
both ideas here are pretty interesting, but they are adding additional elements, rather than utilizing elements of your existing two projects.

this is all re-stating what's on the blog, but for the sake of clarity, i'll repeat it. the main point of this project is to allow someone to view parts of your narrative in the order they choose. this will create a non-linear narrative, as opposed to the linear narratives you have been working on. as a designer, you need to choose how much control you want to give the user. for example, tom has one idea where all of the sounds are already synched up with the visuals, so users cannot activate sounds with individual clips to create their own soundtrack. however, they can watch the clips in whatever order they want. jonathan has one idea where users could possibly click on a whole range of visual clips on the same screen, set up in comic-panel style. so they could play 2 or more clips simultaneously, as opposed to viewing things one at a time. those are the kind of structural possibilities i want you to consider.

image 3
again, interesting use of interactivity, but the ideas miss the point of the project.

so you need to be focusing on creating a range of structures that allow various types of user control over the narrative elements you have already created. if you weren't in on much of the class conversation, talk to your classmates to work through new ideas and see what they think about things at this point. work out new ideas for next class, and we will do a flash actionscript demo.