Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Postcard 1

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Katie Barnes said...

As of right now, these park benches are sketched, rather than a realistic photo, which leave the image open for interpretation, of area, color, usage and condition. The only real specification here is the bench structure.

Also, the three benches are existing in a vacuum. By this, I mean that the benches are merely existing on the page together. Separately, the three seem to have nothing to do with each other - as if they were pulled from three very different places.

For example, The top left bench feels like at was taken from an elementary or preschool playground. It has a very formal and modern structure, but still has a very childish simplicity.

The bottom left bench feels like one that had been built quite a while ago and may not be located in the best area of town. I think I feel this way because it's a very basic bench structure, and in my experiences, it always seems like a bench like this isn't to far from the sketchiest part of town

The bench on the right looks and feels very nicely crafted or rich. As if it belongs in the town center, or a very well-kept apartment complex. It has very ornate decoration and curvature. It's curved just so slightly for you back and your bottom, as if it were designed for someone prominent.

Based in your compilation of three very different images, I feel like you could be illustrating all the different uses and connotations a bench might have.