Sunday, November 29, 2009

Communication Model process: new form, same content

I decided over break that it would be interesting to have my kit in "to go" form. The concept is that this kit would be easily digestable for anyone and could be learned quickly. It would come in a to go box, which still keeps with my theme of interesting packaging. I played around with some of the labels for the box. The three phrases I chose are typically seen on to go boxes or cups.
"caution contents may be hot!"
"Ready in 30 minutes or less!"
"Finger lick'n good!"
I have a lot more, but these seemed to be the fan favorites. I am inserting other words such as "educational" and "learned" in these phrases to make them work (look below). These are digital labels that I would print out and adhere to the take out box. All of the kit contents would be inside, and I have kept all of those the same.

This is the cover for the message recorder, which is a journal that the user will be able to write and record messages in. The spread underneath is what the inside pages will look like.
these are some new improvements to the faces of my message cards that are more cohesive with the aesthetic of the kit.

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