Friday, November 6, 2009

Concept Proposal / online crit

I try to explore two questions during my presentation...
how does the user define communication given certain parts of this diagram?
How much control can you give the user while still providing an accurate educational artifact?

three concepts based off of the newspaper, post-card, and the computer. All of which are different channels for messages to feed through.

This is concept one / the pamphlet
It is the idea that the user can only read and turn pages, but the message is clear.

This is concept two / the post-card set
this idea allows the users to personalize each one, and they can set out the cards like a puzzle.
This is concept three / the interactive space
The user can rearrange the diagram in order to reveal their interpretation, the user might mistake their diagram for the right diagram even if it is wrong.

After giving the presentation I realized that I have only one general idea spanning across three methods. dang.
:( but anyways...I have started to think about how I can make these concepts into one visually engaging, communicative, and referential artifact. That will be Monday.

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Luke Babb said...

To start off, I like the fact that your model is very clear, concise, and therefore effective. It makes sense on its own and the overall shape of the model gives a great sense of motion that I feel is very important because communication is an evolving thing. I do also like the color palette, but I wonder if you can make it more appealing by making it not look such like a diagram in your information graphic.

There were certain things I liked within each format concept and they all definitely have potential if they are pushed in the right direction. To start, I like the reveal affect that the newspaper layout, maybe exploit the size so that it is something unique, something you don't see everyday? However, I do think the visuals could be pushed further, figure out how to tell a linear but evolving/circular story and possibly establish an underlying theme to give it strong appeal and make the education of the model look fun!

Now looking back at your postcards I understand the feel of your model and I think it would really become strong if you find a way to incorporate your postcard visuals as well as dialog into your design. Also, the evolution of your postcard conversation is very interesting...take a look at the transition from modern to historic. Bring in some of the visuals and aesthetics of the time period and that may really solidify your design.

My favorite format is the postcards, I think they have a lot of potential, maybe not as postcards but some other card format. However the postcard does have the emphasis on message and communication since you would be able to send them to someone and create dialog that way. Maybe you could conduct a series of postcards that create a similar experiment to what we did early on in this project. I would also explore the idea of flash cards or something that would speak to the educational aspect, but again, make it appealing, and I do like the puzzle idea of the cards when multiples are together.

The interaction concept has potential but there are quite a few things that I feel need to be worked out. Such as how much direction you give the user; whether it denies you when you put a piece in the wrong place, or the annotations come first and then the user has to attempt to put the diagram together based off that information. I do like, again, the educational aspect of it, but if you are going for this historic, classic feel from your postcards and diagram, then maybe the computer is not exactly the right medium. I think you could really exploit other mediums like the postcard or newspaper that would really strengthen your design if you work them out and incorporate them in to your design effectively. Also, explore various ways to annotate your piece and those could be worked in stylistically with typography, directional call-outs or arrows if you decide to take the avenue of the historic, classical feel of your postcards. It may play very well if you look at a transition from modern to classical and play with typography and imagery in that way...just some idea..good luck!!