Thursday, January 28, 2010


In my mind the idea of 'experimentation' has a lot to do with the theories of science, which automatically makes me think of a controlled environment. I was constantly questioning, why not define the concept of experimentation as exploration instead to get rid of the rigidity of the other term? Exploration to me provides more freedom and less control.
However I might have had a change of heart when I started to read the Triggs Article. In the world of design we do consider variables within controlled environments. We always have to consider the client, the intended audience, and ourselves. These elements will never change. We can change the one variable that will affect these 'certain' elements, which is the nature of the design. The reading quotes that 'type is the symbolic representation of language' and 'the typographic experiment questions the relationship between the typographer and the intended audience'. Both of these statements reveal that in fact we as designers are dealing with elements that aren't going to change such as; language, audience, even our own self. Our job is to be able to create a more creative and interesting way of conveying these constant elements. How can we do it in a clear, convincing, and creative way.

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