Thursday, February 4, 2010

Type in Motion

I would describe my experimental content as type in motion. I am extremely interested in how letterforms can exist only from a motion standpoint. I want to create a Typeface that cannot exist in print. The letterforms wont be static forms, they can only work when they are put into motion with other frames or parts. Some of the traits of the typeface are going to be grid like in their formation. I am thinking that I would also like to create a stop motion in order to document the typeface. Theoretically this typeface that I am creating would be viewed in an exhibition space as an installation. The stop motion will be created so that it can be seen on any screen. The idea behind this idea began with a thaumatrope, which is a simple device that has two flat sides and a string attached. When the object is spun the images on both sides are blended together though motion and perception. The most common example is the bird in the cage illusion created with a thaumatrope. The same principle will apply with my stop-motion. I am starting to see this idea in motion when I view stop animations like “Deadline”, which is done with post its set up on a grid. They start to create letterforms that work in motion using frames. I feel that this sort of experiment is important not only for the sake of the assignment, but also for my own growth. I don’t touch anything like this subject matter, and I want to push myself even though I have fear of failure. I am brainstorming some interesting objects that I can use in my grid formation. I have been really curious with light and how that looks aesthetically and what it can mean conceptually.

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