Monday, March 8, 2010

The Persuasive: Process and Application

I started to develop some boxes to hold the mason jars, but then I realized that the real joy in this brand of candles are the mason jars themselves. Why would I hide them? The patterning that I have started to develop is something I want to keep however. I am working on incorporating that into the labels.

This is my new color palette for the three scents which are; sage, lavender, and violet. I have three aspects which are; the label, the warning label, and the story label. These colors are much better looking in print. The colors above printed very saturated and gross.

I started to implement this labeling structure today, just quick reference points. I realized that the side label is too large. The colors were a little weird as well.

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Kidwell at LXIII XI said...

thoughtful and extensive process for project 2.

i liked your idea of reusing/repurposing jars and such for your product. i don't think your current approach of using a traditional label is doing that concept any favors. agree with you that the joy is in the antique/recycle make your "packaging" honor that and make it the focus of your design.