Thursday, March 4, 2010

Typographic Conference: Digital Concept Map & Timeline

This is the beginning brainstorm of communications touch points for potential conference attendees...

This is a start to my type conference mapping. I started to do some research on some other design conferences to see just what happens at a conference. I noticed roundtables, and professional speakers were a commonality. I am not sure at this point if the type conference is going to be about how to experiment with type, or if it is about another applicable system of our choosing. I would like my conference to be about the degradation of lyrics within the musical community. The idea is to have massive projections of lyrics. taken from songs on the public radio, up on every wall. I want to use the method that I have been experimenting with, which would only be in motion.
After getting all this down I started to edit. I also started to add some imagery.

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