Friday, April 2, 2010

The Collection: Narrowing Down

So I started with 80 baskets...I know I am crazy. It did give me an opportunity to select the most diverse baskets to keep in my collection though. I wanted to get it down to 20.
The collection kept going, so I had to take this 'panoramic' sort of view of all of them.
It was extremely difficult to start somewhere in order to narrow down. I decided to start with the oldest basket and the newest basket.
Here is a detail view of how I had started to arrange them. As well as by the year I also started looking at similar forms and would pick one of these baskets for the permanent collection.
Here is the permanent collection that consists of the widest spectrum possible using the baskets that I had. The oldest basket was created in 1987 and the most recent was created in 2004. I also tried to pick all different forms, liners, and uses. Some of the baskets have more poetic (love notes) vs. practical (pen pal) use. Each basket has a name/theme/use and each one is dated and signed by the creator (all of them are handwoven).

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