Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Persuasive: Revisions

So...I set out this weekend to find the perfect spot for my candles. For some reason I kept photographing them in grass, which looked nice. It seemed like a cop-out though. I walked by the inda department and saw this beautiful window sill. It had distressed wood and fabric behind the glass, and was perfect!

The Persuasive I
I decided to show my candle's label from the front and the back. I also wanted to show what you could do with the jar once the candle was all gone. yay.
Showing them next to my hand for a size comparison, also showing off the features of the match box.
macro shot of the warning label on the bottom of the candle.
This is the story that accompanies each candle on the backside of the match book.

The Persuasive II

digital rendering of my magazine ad.
This is a photograph of the magazine ad in context.
The internet banner for the most part stayed the same, since people responded positively to it.
I changed the image on my website to the new images. I also made the navigation bar more obvious, and the corners that are holding the image more subtle.

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