Thursday, April 15, 2010

Typographic Conference: Re-vised Conference Map

I went through and labeled all of the artifacts in the mind-map as practical, poetic and persuasive. It really helps to have the time line mapped out, because I can easily define what artifacts are needed. My next step will be to draw connections between the artifacts themselves and the artifacts and the time line.


Lance Flores said...

nice timeline!

thenewprogramme said...

okay, i'll just go through this as things are revealed to me, so it will be a little scattered, but generally flow from big-picture stuff to details.

first glance is that the expanded view of the timeline is a smart idea. nice change of scale.

your type hierarchy in the subheads isn't consistent. the "indoor/outdoor/formal/informal/professional/student/human to human" all that stuff, is at the third level of importance, but it's at several different sizes. looks like the "formal / indoor / outdoor" is more important than the other stuff.

on indoor settings, seems like the walker settings should be more separated from the mcad settings. that way you can visually/easily tell the conference is at two locations.

under formal artifacts, you might consider further subdividing that list into a couple of categories, whatever you see fit to do there. seems like they can easily be lumped into to groups based on a couple of different criteria. it would chunk that information into more easily digestible bits.

on the timeline, i'm not as concerned (for this piece) with what all events are happening as i am with where all of the designed pieces fit into that schedule, as in "when are they handed out?" or "when are they due to the printer?", that kind of thing. along those lines, a more clear order of objects along the timeline would be helpful. since there are specific indications of time passing (only "before", "during", "after") i only have a vague notion that the email should be designed before the website. plus, based on the scale of your timeline, the "before" section lasts about one week. the whole point of the timeline is to help the design team know how to organize their workload, and this doesn't help them much at all.