Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interning At Barkley

We'll I must say interning at Barkley has been quite amazing. I have met so many wonderful people, and I have been able to do so many awesome projects. One in particular really struck me, and that was our intern cause project. Water for Kiwanja is a non-profit organization located here in the heart of KC. I have been working closely with their team to come up with some design strategies to help them reach their goal. They are looking to drill a borehole in the village of Kiwanja, Tanzania so that the community can have access to clean water. They need $70,000 in order to do it.

I worked on this project with another intern who's name is Lauren Schimming. She is going to be a junior at KU this year, and we will be planning on staying in contact. I am looking forward to staying with Water For Kiwanja as their head of creative. I am extremely excited to keep with this project, and I am also excited to support a local non-profit organization. It is amazing to see how design can affect others, and compel them to get involved in such a good cause.

How far do you walk for your water?

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