Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urban Farming: The Individual

Meet Melody Souder.

Melody is a thirty year old stay-at-home mother of two children. She has a college degree in marketing and her occupation as a high-quality make-up consultant gives her the freedom to do what she really loves, gardening. She loves her job though, because she can be involved with her community socially. Her husband is a head chef at one of the local restaurants, and is gone for long hours at a time. He is a huge supporter of the urban farm that Melody volunteers at, and their restaurant uses the local produce on a daily basis. They occupy a two story home located about 3 miles away from the heart of the city, and about two blocks away from the urban farm.

Some of Melody's motivations for urban farming are;

Health -
Melody's children are getting to eat organic, unprocessed produce. This produce is much better for them than chemically treated produce from the grocery store. She also has better health from walking to the farm, and keeping active.

Empowerment -
She feels the need to be educated, and to have something to call her own. Since the community is on-line as well it gets her knowledge of new media.

Budget -
While Melody and her husband live comfortably, they are always budgeting there expenses. Growing produce is a wonderful solution to the ever increasing cost of food.

Level of Belonging -
Melody is extremely social and wants to be highly involved in her community. The social interactions not only keep her mentally healthy, but they help with her personal career as well.

Needs for community interaction

Melody values her family, and they always come first. Her children are always involved in community activities to help them develop socially and physically. Melody also values her customers, and she is able to be involved with them through community activities. She also thinks of the urban farm as a direct way to provide for her community, which she loves.

Needs for successful activity involvement.

Melody needs to be educated and knowledgeable in the art of farming produce. She also needs to have a good attitude and enough support & help (family & friends) around her in order for the activity of urban farming to be a success.

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