Sunday, September 12, 2010

Urban Farming: On-line Solutions

1. Tetris Garden
NEED: A novice needs to know how to plant certain plants, and where to plant certain plants in relationship to others.
This feature will take in what the user is planting, and the size/proportion of their plot. It will be able to show the user where to plant the tomato plant in relationship to the ocra plant and so on. It will more specifically show the user the best way to plant the garden geographically. They will be able to see this garden unfold on their ipad, and they will be able to drag icons of plants too see if they can't figure it out first. The system will be able to tell them why a plant can't be planted next to another, and will automatically fix it for them.

2. Ripeness Meter
NEED: Our users need to know whether or not the produce they good is ripe enough to eat.
The user will be able to take a photo with their iphone, or upload an image on-line. They will be able to automatically see info overlaid on the image, that will reveal how ripe the produce is. It will also be able to tell them if it is good to eat. They will be able to take take a picture with their iphone, and the information will overlay on top of the image. They will also be able to weigh their produce with this feature, by laying a tomato on the iphone it will take in ounces.

3. Caring Schedule
NEED: The user needs to know when to water the plant, and when to feed it to keep it healthy/alive.
This will be an on-line schedule that will remind the user daily of when to water their plant, feed their plant, etc. It will provide the user with knowledge on how to successfully grow the plant day by day. The iphone will give them daily updates, and alarms that might say "water the tomato plant once in the morning and afternoon. Be sure to sure to use at least 2 cups of water each time."

4. Volunteer Schedule
NEED: Our users need one master schedule in order to communicate in terms of who will work when, and who can work.
A large on-line database will keep track of volunteers schedules. They will all theoretically have bios, and they will be able to see which farms are needed help on specific days. This way they can volunteer wherever, whenever. This feature will be on the iphone, and on-line. The volunteers can check in on their iphone, and it will automatically tell the online hub that they showed up.

5. Rewards
NEEDS: The proud urban farmer needs some feedback and reckognition on how great they are.
By uploading photographs, via iphone or camera, the members of the site will receive recognition for their gardening strengths. Rewards will probably consist of being on the initial page of the site for a month. It could be for best looking tomato, or largest eggplant, etc...

6. Location Finder of plot
NEED: A user that is new to the area might need to find a spot within the large urban farm to plant their tomatoes.
Our users will be able to locate new and old plots for their produce. They can find plots that are near or far, and plots that specialize in certain produces. This will benefit those that are new to the city, but haven't been able to plant their own produce yet. For example...Hey! we're looking for a new volunteer who would like to plant some cabbage on the east side of the north land plot. They can use this feature online, so they can utilize some large mapping features.

7. Land meter
NEED: The user is planting an eggplant and needs to know whether or not the soil in a specific plot has successfully grown eggplant in the past.
Each plot, registered on the site, will be rated by our users. They will be able to tell you that the plot is really good tomato's, but they may not have had much luck growing eggplant. The iphone will be primarily used in this since it is a good "on the go" device.

8. Equipment Rental

NEED: they need to borrow a shovel to plant some radishes.
For Budget purposes we will have an equipment rental feature. Instead of buying a new rake, our user will be able to rent, or even borrow, a rake for a week for another volunteer. This will also help them to socialize with other urban farmers within the area. Online, they will be able to see what is available.

9. Live Feed
NEED: Our users need visual evidence that the garden exists, and they trust that seeing the real thing.
We will also do live footage of a different urban farm each week. Our users can watch other farms from the comfort of their own home. Or, they can go to that garden when they see others planting/needing help. They can watch on any platform, iphone, ipad, or online.

10. Design a Garden
NEED: Our users need social connections, and shared knowledge between gardeners.
Our users will be able to plot their own dream garden. Others can help out, so it would be a cooperative brainstorm online. The community could type in what all they would like to plant in a certain area one day in the future. It will help them plan out new urban farms.

11. What's growing in the garden?
Each plant gets logged in the digital garden. Everyone knows what's growing so people don't plant multiples of things. Confusion is avoided with this handy dandy check list.

12. Seed Bank
The online database for the phone and the website is your one stop shop for all your seeds, including heirloom. See who's offering what, where and how much. Database includes everything in North America and Canada.

13. Seasonal Recipes
If you're growing, you're sure to be cooking. This database of nifty recipes is even tied to the What's Growing in the Garden list so it'll notify you when you should be cooking squash soup or pea fritters!

14. Sign up Schedule
As a user, you'll be able to put in your availability and the database will store the information and let you know when you're needed.

15. Disease Meter
Don't know what's gotten to your plant? Take a photo of what's happening and get instant feedback from your gardening buddies.

16. Gardener Profiles
Looking for a team member with some specific abilities? Profiles on the site will be stored in a keyword database making searching for someone much much easier.

17. Plant profiles database
This will be also available on the iPhone app. Your guide to what's what in the world of gardening will help you understand what plants when, how long you've got to go until you can pick and when and how much you should be watering.

18. Plot meter
With your iPhone you can measure the length of the garden width ways and length ways and plan your rows accordingly.

19. Activity Calendar
Of course with every garden there has to be community meals, community work days and days when you have a special teacher in town teaching on up to the minute gardening methods. Check this schedule weekly, daily or get push notifications.

20. Who's at the garden
When you're there you can check one box and it'll notify your community. A great idea for security purposes and to let your friends know you might like some company!

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