Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Visual Advocacy: Today's Class Discussion

"What are your guys thought on doing presentations and having guests in related to how we were dressed?" -Tyler Galloway

The whole process has been so informal. We went to there space, and they weren't dressed up. If it were the first time we had encountered them, then I would have dressed differently. We are not friends, but we are acquainted. -Abby

I will come in a suit and tie everyday then for extra credit. -Tom

It remains important to think about the situation we are in, and the context. Everyday citizen kind of thing, and meeting them in their environment are good points. -Tyler

So what did you guys think about these readings?

Abby loves Shephard Fairy. He has a screw it attitude, and he is almost selfish in his convictions. He has points that he wants to show, he does it his way. Sarcasm is good. He owns up to his mistakes. All of the stuff I criticize I am totally guilty of.

Micah is on the same lines. He feeds off of a reaction or an emotion.

Comfortable with his own contradictions.

Isn't there a huge contradiction in values. You hate people that work for the tv, but you end of working for them? If you don't value them, then don't do those things or things that relate to them. Tom thinks that he is a hypocrite. Why does he say that its okay to be a hypocrite? Tyler says that he recognizes this. Tom says why?

Sean thinks that he is really smart. He designed Saks Fifth Avenue in a constructivist style that contradicts the fact that he thinks advertising makes people insecure.

Tom believes he is using the other systems to show his values. If you don't agree with the system that you use to get across your own views, don't use it. Make your own system.

We have one example in Fairy. How his way is stirring our own thoughts, and how we would handle our situations. That is where this discussion is valuable. If you have certain values you would try really hard to appease them. It lets you get to know who you are in comparison to this person/example.

If his value revolves around the idea of using other systems to impose his own ideas then why can't he use it. If it encompasses his values, then he can use it. We aren't sure if fairy has values, Tyler thinks that he is an opportunist. He will jump on whatever is going to further his agenda. We don't know, and we don't think that he knows.

Giant, the word itself, is becoming what it is becoming. People read into it what they read into it. I personally think is has a metaphoric meaning in the fact that he doesn't fall into line. He steps above, like a giant could do, in order to captivate his creative/artistic need.

The Constructivist forms were born through a certain set of values. The most authentic sense of the word style. A certain belief how the tools and processes you should use. Just because you like something doesn't make it a value. It bothers Tyler that he plucked out the style, as a cultural commentary. Intentionally being an ass by using these shapes to sell stuff on saks fifth. This constructivist style represents people who developed this style out of high struggle and values. They were innovative and should be respected. Fairy shouldn't just take this so lightly for a commercial sense, and shouldn't just use it as a veneer. We shouldn't do what is convenient for us, and divorce it from its original intent.

El Lizzitzky 1919

Most people are desensitized to these things. Professionals should be knowledgeable, and should know the connotations of a certain style or movement. We should always have a reason for everything we do. Why is the type in a straight line? Why did we organize the letter forms this way?

What is the difference in effect when you go bottom up vs. top down? Couldn't it be quite effective and you have a multi-billion dollar project like Pepsi co. Maybe its more effective down up because it speaks more to an individual vs. the collective group. The top down has filters that we have to go through, but the bottom up has no filters. You are a citizen, but you also need to be a graphic designer.

graphic design is either facilitating the solution or it is the solution. We could come up with something that is guerrilla, or is almost grass roots. What if they have already tried and there are all these red flags. Why not directly just do it without asking permission if we know it needs to be done to benefit the community.

Guerrilla Advertising vs. Graphic Design. The overall strategy, the detailed plan to implement the goal is different. The goal is the same in that you have a message that you want to spread.

Companies can say that they are green just to get in good with the public. There is no say as to whether they are actually engaging in green practices.

Should money or budget be considered in your design? Truth cost pricing is more relevant to certain situations and certain people. True cost pricing: The materials cost x amount of dollars, the machinery cost this, the labor costs this much, and it costs it this much to ship it, and were also going to considered if this leaf blower is annoying vs not annoying. Basing cost on the safeness of the workplace, quality of life for our laborers. All of those things make the price go up. This article goes over truth cost pricing more...

Ultimate goal is to make things that are safer and more environmentally friendly. Make the healthy choice the better choice. For example paper should be extremely expensive since trees are being cut down. It isn't easy in the design world, since we have to send things out so quickly.

Buy nothing day, and tv turn off week. Direct Action. Poster hangers are called snipers, hanging posters illegally around a city.

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