Sunday, September 26, 2010

Windows and Mirrors: Introduction

The introduction to this reading brings up a really interesting point. The author mentions Donald Norman who quotes "...computers as we know them are going to disappear". He was basically saying that computers will be absorbed by "information appliances". These appliances will not be thought of as computers, but as electronics that perform tasks for us. It is sort of a scary thought. I automatically think of robots, that will then turn on us and take over the world or something. weird. He doesn't go that far, but he gives us an example of his thoughts through a vacuum cleaner.
The author says that in fact computers are not going to disappear due to digital art. He believes that computers will always fascinate us and will not entirely get absorbed into information appliances. Some will, with electric motors, but most will likely stick around. It was a nice and juicy intro to the reading.

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