Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moxie Sozo Presentation

I was very fortunate to get an awesome design firm to present in class. I visited Moxie Sozo over our AIGA spring break trip, and I fell in love. This firm has some really amazing people working for it, including some of our very own. After further ado, I would like to present you with Moxie Sozo...

This is what greets you on their website. We believe in ideas. We believe in intelligent research and strategic thinking. We beleive in stimlating the intellect and stirring the soul. We beleive in creating extraordinary brands.
Moxie Sozo is a Design Firm and ad agency located in boulder, Colorado that was founded in 1999. they consider themselves a small boutique agency, and they believe in creating great work for a select number of clients.
They specialize in branding, print, packaging and digital media. Moxie Sozo is also the first certified Zero waste, 100% carbon neutral, 100% renewable-energy powered, design and advertising firm in the world.
This info-graphic reveals the way in which they work. The color fields are a good indicator of how they narrow down their ideas and process to one final solution. They develop original and creative solutions that can involve an ad campaign, re-designed marketing collateral, a new website, or even a company re-branding. Regardless of the job, their process is the same.
Eat Pastry is a company that came to Moxie Sozo in hopes for a look that was different from all of the other eco-friendly products out there. Moxie took it too an art deco, hand illustrated approach.

Moxie Sozo also specializes in helping starter businesses get off their feet with new websites. Some of the companies do sometimes not succeed, but some flourish. This one, unfortunately didn't have a sufficient enough budget to stay in business. Non the less Moxie gave them an awesome site.

The Hurricane Project was done in response to Hurricane Katrina, and was initiated by Moxie Sozo. It goes to show how involved and self-less they are. It is a great idea that was executed beautifully, and was successful.

The Haiti Poster Project is also a response to a world changing disaster, the earthquake in Haiti. The idea is pretty much the same as the Hurricane Project. World-renown designers create posters for Haiti and sell them. All of the money earned goes to the Red Cross, and directly to Haiti.

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moseley2010 said...

I commend the people behind the Haiti Project... even those who are just doing the graphics. Kudos!
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