Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rosedale: A place to learn, play, eat, worship, and be healthy.

Yesterday, Lance and I were about to go on a stencil run during class. We realized however, that our stenciling has long surpassed its potential, and that we needed to develop this idea further. We saw ourselves at a stand still. Thanks Tyler for kicking us into gear, because it got us to really think about how we could further our "We_____Rosedale" campaign/logo. We took some inspiration for the books that are scattered around Kansas City as well.

We now know what people will write in the blank, and we can then take this and apply it to all of the practical things you can do in Rosedale like play, learn, shop, eat, worship, be healthy, read etc.. We had originally been inserting words like love, laugh, and are into the blank, which are too poetic to really denote a specific location in Rosedale. From this thought (thanks Chris) we decided to come up with a way to map out all of the places you can play in Rosedale, all of the places you can learn in Rosedale, etc. This way we can answer our design question of "how can we give Rosedale distinct boundaries and a new sense of community pride?". We would physically give the user a map of Rosedale to give some perspective as to where they are, and we would give a new sense of community pride if all of these places had window clings to further reinforce the spot on the map. Here is an example of what Lance and I have come up with so far...

This would be potentially be the front of a post-card or sign, or maybe banner. We aren't sure of the application this will take on yet. The back of this potential application would have the map of all of the places within Rosedale that you can do that certain activity in. So for example you "learn" at all of the different schools in Rosedale.