Sunday, October 10, 2010

Urban Farming: 3D Web Model

In my web model I thought of the base as the hub that holds all of the information. Through the bases shoots up all of the other information. Each clay block on the wood stick are thought of as smaller bases that hold information. Inside each one of these is more information that explodes outward. The wires that surround the model are representing content that is linked to a different clay block. I was looking at how information can be inter-related, and how it can travel across different "bases" of held information.
Each of the colored pieces of paper represent small bits of content. The colors are all different to represent different content. Only when the paper is connected to the same clay base are they the same color. They are directly related information, for example, the tool shed contains "My tools". Whithin "My tools" are all of your tools, but your tools does not exist under "who's in the garden."

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