Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Portfolio Site: 3 Stages of Interaction

I am proposing to use Squarespace for my online portfolio space, because it lends to flexibility. I am not confident in code, but I can do it, it just takes time. I have looked into a couple of tutorials on the Squarespace site, and it seems very easy to update. My biggest fear is not being able to update in a years time. I want something that I can rely on, and I am willing to pay the monthly fee to have a stable website. My blog can also directly embed into Squarespace with the click of a button, which is great. I think that being able to able to see someones process is extremely important. I know that it is possible to build the look & feel of my designed site in Squarespace, because of the examples that I have seen. The potential is there. I have the ability to add pages, and to add my own chunk of code. If I can't figure out how to get something to work within a template, I am able to ask or google how to make it work. I have a feeling that I won't have to go to my own code too often If the templates are flexible enough. I want my portfolio site to be welcoming, and I want to put a small illustrative detail on each screen. I want the work to be framed by my design, not competing with it.

My portfolio Site Map


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