Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portfolio Site: The Beginnings

These are a few options for the look and feel of my personal portfolio site. I want to let the veiwer see my work on the initial screen, and I also want to speak to them. This is why I have incorporated a welcome message along with some featured work. The top option is my favorite, and I have more background texture options. The background texture is my moleskine, which only makes sense. I sketch in that thing all of the time.

These were my sketches that lead to the digital sketches above. I blended the first option and the second option. We thought that the third option was to confined and that it was lacking practicality.

This is the start of my site map. It is really difficult pulling all of your work up and organizing it! I decided to go with these categories, Identity Systems, Print, Web, and Illustration.

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