Sunday, January 30, 2011

Initial Concepts: 5 Points of Architecture

Tammy and I came up with a couple of concepts for our exhibit. Concept #1 is based on the idea of the 5 points of architecture relating to the 5 senses. We want the experience to be tactile, tangible, and highly sensory. We were thinking of having actual grass, the actual furniture, walls, etc. This is the layout of the first concept.

Our second concept is using the Savoye House to explain the 5 points of architecture. We want to include a time line of La Corbusier's lifetime as well. The viewers will come upon his life story including personal stories as well as business. They will then be greeted by the Savoye House plan veiw below their feet amongst large infographs on the walls.

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Kidwell at LXIII XI said...

awesome first steps mo...enjoyed learning more about your ideas in person this AM.