Saturday, February 12, 2011

Degree Project Time-line

wednesday 2/16 Have interview set up with mother at Sheffield, set up mother & child moment survey.

friday 2/18 Develop two concepts and prototypes of possible design solutions informed by research, and look into interviewing women at other women’s shelters like Rosebrooks, or Re-start.

wednesday 2/23 Have both concepts tested, and pick one. Record in process book.
Process book presentation

friday 2/25 Studio time, work day. (work on mood boards).

monday 2/28 senior show submissions due mood boards, w/visuals/comparables/consumer.

wednesday 3/2 Start to develop the actual artifact w/identity.

friday 3/4 midterm presentation

wednesday 3/9 Have at least 3 conceptual options ready to develop for artifact identity, and get feedback from people that you interviewed.

friday 3/11 Studio time, work day.

spring break

wednesday 3/23 Look into resources to actually have the artifact developed or implemented if possible.
Studio Work Day.

friday 3/25 Studio time, work day. (work on identity).

wednesday 3/30 Studio time, work day.
Process book presentation.

friday 4/1 Have final identity figured out.
Studio Work Day.

wednesday 4/6 Studio time, work day. (work on final mock-up)
Process book presentation.

friday 4/8 Have final artifact mocked up, work on presentation (not keynote, senior show appropriate.)
Studio Work Day.

wednesday 4/13 first preliminary presentation

friday 4/15 Work on presentation and artifact. (order artifact if needed via blurb).
Studio Work Day.

wednesday 4/20 second preliminary presentation

friday 4/22 Last possible day to order a blurb book. work on presentation.
Studio Work Day.

wednesday 4/27 final presentation

friday 2/29 production of senior show

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