Monday, February 28, 2011

A Modern Transition

The Modern Transition exhibition is a total sensory experience for the viewer. Our emphasis has been placed on Le Corbusier's journey as equally important to his arrival to each of the Five Points of Architecture. As the viewer takes the journey from room to room, he or she will experience a taste of sights and sounds of Le Corbusier’s expedition. The marriage of the literal with the poetic is key within our theme. We long to pursuade the viewer of the importance of the Five points through a thorough steeping into the driving passions of Le Corbusier. Corbusier’s primary influences will be married to his point of view. The music and visuals will mesmerize to dislocate the viewer from the current moment and slice open a portal into Corbusier’s world.

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Morgan Ashley Allen said...

Ha! I had such a love-hate relationship with this project. Yours looks amazing, not to mention your process is pretty fantastic to match. Also your brother's branding is fresh. Keep up the goods.