Monday, February 14, 2011

Notes from Spatial Experience


Today was a trying day, however I took some notes that will hopefully move us along more efficiently. Love you Tammy, enjoy these notes!

Make it a persuasive experience.

“neatness counts”.

Did he consider himself Swiss or French?

Bauhaus image looks like “oh Corbu went here”, and needs to be more about Walter Gropius. Either icon or index.

The wall isn’t that tall...sad :( (Bauhaus image).

Need to verbally communicate a motion piece behind the ribbon window.

Corbu quotes - one typeface while his Influences are another.

I compose with light seems to be in the wrong place.

Show presentation in sequence, and get rid of numbers on the key (plan view of the H&R Blockspace). They are confusing.

Denote zones in the key as well as the walls.

Show the concept drawn on the key in the beginning of the presentation, could even be our initial drawing.

Could do a flip video through the model space, to show what it would be like to actually walk through the space.

I compose with light with the pilotes (supports) image?

Need to fit in Roof Garden now.

Its bad to have two serifs, maybe need to think of a sans-serif.

Integration of technology, what is this convincing me of?

Make clear that each point connects to an individual of influence in our presentation both visually and verbally.

Play music in the presentation to give a “sensory experience”.

Fonts - reductive, minimal, abstracted.

Do we need an iconic image of Corbu?

Present your concept as it were the audience that was walking through the exhibit, what is the narrative. What is the sequence, and how can we give them as realistic experience as possible w/o being in the exhibit itself?

Use the model as a development tool!

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