Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mary Kate McDevitt

Life outside of design school has been considerably challenging and exciting. I have an amazing group of co-workers, who I think of more as family, and we all share a natural love and passion for design. I recently decided that I am going to start sharing blog posts full of inspiration, triumphs, and randoms with the world again. Not that anyone really reads this, however, I like to think that they do.

So with that, I would love to share this truly inspiring find that I embarked upon this morning. What a wonderful way to start the day. Her name is Mary Kate McDevitt, and she is doing everything I would love to be doing. I would describe her as a Jessica Hische minus the vector part. Most of her work is truly hand-drawn, and it speaks so much more to my emotion than a lot of "hand-drawn, but I vectorized it" work that I've seen lately. It is good design in its' essence, from pencil to paper, with very few digital alterations. I have a deep appreciation for hand-rendered typography, that has a visual charm and reference to its' illustrator. Props to you Mary Kate McDevitt for keepin' it real.