Friday, February 27, 2009

Final Icon Set

Some of the design decisions for this project were made early on when I set up my rule guide.  I used a matrix in the beginning and it worked, but I felt less constricted using a rule set.  I was able to create icons without specifically fitting them into a grid, buy they were still consistent without the grid.  The rules were; thick stroke, in action, and geometric.  The icon set above represents some of my first iterations, and they followed a more organic approach.  The final icon set below exemplifies my rule set and are still related to the first forms. 

In this project I discovered how intricate icon making can be.  They seem like such simple forms when they are finished, but that comes from the consistency in the creative process.  I also discovered that my opinion of what sugar can be is very different from others opinions.  I solved this dilemma by asking other random students about my icons and what they thought i the icon denoted.  I also made sure that they didn't know my two-word story until after the observations. 

The connotations that are communicated through my icon set are; modern, clean, mature, urban, and playful.  The clean, more geometric angles connote cleanliness and also hint at a concept of modern day architecture. The objects are conveying actions and the line width is larger; these connote playfulness. 

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