Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exlporing Color using Grays

By exploring the value change in gray-scale we were able to feasibly see how the colors would affect our icons. We could decide if the iteration were changing our icon completely or if it worked with the icon shape. I explored the use of outlining as well as my version of a drop shadow. However, we decided to go with the more simple task of filling the positive shapes of the icon.

We took samples from our pages in our connotation/denotation booklets and used the drop tool to take out color schemes. We then applied connotations from those schemes. These are some of my connotations: natural, organic, edible, tasty, delicious, decadent, rich, cozy, warmth, fresh, organic, urban, modern, natural, humble, and calming. I am starting to incorporate some color schemes into my icons, and the deeper colored chair speaks more to a lavish coffee shop that appeals to a higher class. the two chairs on the left are more appropriate for what I am trying to connote, which is fresher and more affordable. I want my color scheme to be edible and more natural not fluorescent or processed.

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