Sunday, March 8, 2009

Final Weather Campaign

The interstitial for this project was all black with with white text compositions. I tried to keep the theme going with the bars throughout the campaign. The yellow bar moves through the compositions and help to emphasize the tag-line at the end of the animation. I went with pretty simple transitions. The night appears segment by segment and then the storms rolls through and pushes it out of the way. The storm flashes away to reveal rain coming from the outside of the screen. When the rain fades away dawn comes up like a rising sun from the bottom of the screen. The text is then revealed via the bar and NBC pops right in.

The bus wrap contains all of the compositions and the story is being told all around the bus. Their are some nice moments on the bus such as the dawn composition bursting out of the front tire. I wanted my buses to be energetic and electrifying. I also wanted to convey a sense of movement and velocity even when the bus is at a stand still. I did this to allude to the weather station being quick with getting the customer information.

The billboards for this campaign are probably my favorite because they are lively and dynamic. I would like to think that these billboards would be eye catching with the small bursts of color on the contrasting background. I am worried, however, that these billboards push legibility and that someone might not be able to read them if they were to drive by. I tried to solve this problem by forcing at least one element to stand out such as the NBC logo or the time and channel. Overall my campaign for the Nightfall Weather Experts is consistent with the theme of movement and velocity as well as using all black backgrounds and bars that contain important text. The compositions are connotative of an urban location, and I can see them being successful in the traffic filled streets of the city not alongside I-70 through the state of Kansas.

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