Friday, April 17, 2009

Book Jackets

Overall I am happy with the way that my book jackets came out. I struggled with color a lot throughout my process. I was fighting with primary colors, and I have vintage photography covered by a sheet of processed color. It was difficult compromising the old look of the photograph with the modern color palette. Each book reacts to another book in the series due to consistency with color. For example, I photo montaged some images on the back of each book, and the color in my badminton book opposes the back of the volleyball book. They create some interesting interactions between each other especially in some of my macro shots. The bar going across the front of my books act as a formal device to enhance the text, which is trade gothic. The contrast of the vintage photograph and sans-serif font relays the message that the book is not just historic but includes present day information. I also chose to include some modern images on the back of each book to foreshadow what is on the inside. By juxtaposing an avp volleyball player next to a 1920's woman playing tennis in a ridiculous dress it foreshadows the interior of the publication.

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