Saturday, April 18, 2009

Final Summation: Diagram

1. what did you learn in this project
In this project I learned to manage my time accordingly by plotting out when I was going to work on specific aspects such as doing my research while thinking out design strategies and how I wanted to plot my research onto a 20 x 30 parameter. I also learned what a five foot read is vs. a five inch read. I tackled the five foot read by enlarging my icons and my images on my diagram so that the viewer can get an automatic sense of what I am comparing for example, I enlarged my image of Starbucks and an image of a rural farmer to show the comparison of poor to rich. The five inch read had more to do with the hierarchy and the importance of my information. I tried to increase the size of the text of all the continents to define their proximity and relationship to the information surrounding them. I also used formal devices such as boxes and arrows to show the flow of the information and to show what information belonged together.

2. what could you address differently
I started to stray away from the actual proportions of my map skeleton and started to organize my continent information into a box shape. I did this so that it would fit nicely in my diagram, but it doesn't look like a map anymore. I would have addressed this problem by looking back at my iterations and keeping what worked. I should have taken note on everything that was successful and shouldn't have strayed away from it. I also had problems with the information just floating in my composition, and I still need to find some formal devices to anchor that information. Those devices might also help by keeping the information together that belongs together instead of just relying on proximity of the paragraphs.

This is my diagram currently, but it is still in its process stage.

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