Saturday, April 18, 2009

Final Poster

With this poster I really tried to think outside of the box. The pattern in the background is from a grate that I found in Vanderslice. I photographed it, then traced over it in illustrator to vectorize it. I wanted to encompass an eclectic feel with this poster due to the fact that Bantjes is inspired by islamic tradition. The color choices were based on an islamic color palette, and the formal devices used almost seem religious in their dominance. When I enlarged her last name (bantjes) I had a moment, and realized that it created a dimensional effect. It pushes her first name back and it seems to be behind Bantjes. I struggled when It came to color with this poster, but I am very happy with the way it came out. By increasing the saturation it created a third color in the gradient, which adds more visual interest and it isn't so monotone.

This is a photograph of some process when it came to figuring out how to print on the plotter. We test printed strips and put them on top of our printed poster, which is smart and convenient. Who wants a bad full print on the plotter? It would be $30.00 out the door. I learned to really focus on test prints in this project in order to come out with the most successful outcome.

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Nande said...

Cool poster! I was just clickin' around and stumbled upon your site. Interesting stuff - thanks for sharing your work!

PS: I'm a Bantjes fan too...I did a quick post on my blog a couple of months ago: