Monday, April 20, 2009

Coffee Trade Juxtapositions

I feel that this direction is my most successful due to the fact that it is impactfull. The red text signifies importance and awareness. It is a global issue and the large text size parallels the importance of the Fair Trade campaign. I decided to make my backgrounds more transparent, which I don't know if it works. Formally it helps with the legibility of the red text and it is still visible. I attempted to relay some of my icons as well as anchor them. I relayed the coffee bean icon/pattern with the word "Labor". It gives a new connotation to the bean and speaks to the farmers that produce the crop. I anchored the coffee cup icon with the image of the woman drinking coffee and the word "Culture", because coffee is a large part of our culture. I also juxtaposed that spread with the same word only I showed the other side of the spectrum by juxtaposing the word with a farmer and the coffee bean icon. When placed side by side, my top two spreads reveal a significant difference between the rich and the poor. The farmers culture involves manual labor, while ours involves leisure and relaxation.

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