Sunday, September 27, 2009

KINETIC Type: Storyboard Process

After changing the title to "A Diamond in The Rough" I wanted to go with a "silent film" theme that I beleive goes with the nostalgic feel of my photographs, and it's fun!!! I did a combined animation on this storyboard, and will do the Kinetic type during the "silent film" frames. I also mixed the "type on the image" in with this storyboard when I have diamond reappearing and sitting on the bench.

The font that I am trying to go with is a script font, which I feel relates to the diamond well.

I have the text solely on the image in this storyboard, and I have no "silent film" effect. I don't think it is as interesting, however their are some interesting and funny moments so I will try to incorporate those (diamond on the bench) in my combined storyboard.

This is my final storyboard with time increments. I can't decide if I would like to stick with black and white, or if I would like to go to color since it is still a modern concept with the diamond. I am still going in the "silent film" direction and I plan on making the frames shake and I am currently playing around with some effects to make the film look aged.

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