Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Iterative Sketches for JOB

In these first three initial sketches I wanted to appeal to emotion (Pathos), and I was really going towards lustful, more sensuous feelings. However, these compositions were fun but they missed the mark in that they aren't ORIGINAL. They are too similar to the original JOB poster that Mucha created by using the iconic women. I started a mind map so that I could get my ideas more concise, and I started by separating out the positive and the negatives.
In this mind map I explored ways of POSITIVLY advertising the cigarette papers, which is hard to do. I feel like the devil's advocate here...but I also explored the NEGATIVE aspects. They would hurt the company though, so I am in a weird place with this poster. I feel that I want to go POSITIVE since it is slightly harder to do, normally today all tobacco-related adds reveal negative facets.
Some ideas that I explored for the POSITIVE reinforcement are; using the papers as post-its, exploring the organic qualities of the smoke and the type, a slogan that implies the paper cradling some sort of indulgence (like chocolate covered strawberries), and replacing the smoke with a diagram of a rice plant.
won't lie, I am really liking the effect that the scanner has on my wheat diagram...hmmm

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