Friday, September 11, 2009

Matrix Continued Process and Final Ideas

In this phase of my process I started to incorporate song lyric into my rhetorical tropes. I illustrated some of his already rhetorical devices used in his lyrics. "look at me I am a fan, but I don't blow" is a metaphor of himself being a fan, and I just literally illustrated a fan blowing.
I found that he really likes baseball, and I then tried too make a parody out of the MLB logo by inserting the contour of a piano in the logo. It takes the place of the silhouette of the baseball player. This idea to me is interesting, but I don't think it will relate well to viewers.
When it came to the conversation bubble, I tried to iterate multiple uses. One example that I can up with was having the quotation marks become their own conversation bubble, and not just inserting the bubble into the word "rubato".

I decided to go through with these three ideas; telephone with lyrics, audience inside the piano, and the conversation bubble as the "o" in the word "rubato".
The Telephone is a metaphor, because in the lyrics he implies that he is a telephone that is ringing. This is also indexical of his conversational style of singing.
The convo bubble in the word "rubato" is a visual pun, because it relates to the style of singing and it has the same shape as an "o".
The audience being in the piano is a hyperbole (among other things as well such as metaphor), because the audience in ratio to Frishberg is tiny. It reveals the conversational style in that he is speaking straight to them giving the illusion that the audience is right there having a personal conversation.

When I photographed some of my sketches it came to my attention that the viewpoint can create a really interesting perspective, which is something i incorporated in my sketches. The rules of perspective always fascinate me, and I usually integrate them into all of my sketches. I could play up perspective even more having photographed my sketches.

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jamie said...

That is a good observation about process - sketching then photographing it to change the perspective and then translate that again into digital.

I see you haven't posted the rubato or the audience in the piano sketches... is that because you have eliminated them?

Regardless of which concept you pick, the choice should come down to which has the most visual impact and iconic immediacy.