Monday, September 14, 2009

5 Poster Iterations

I would have to say that so far in my process this direction is may favorite. The contrast in this one is working nicely, and I like the depth and perspective that the word "rubato" provides. It gives the poster a sense of dimension beyond the paper, and the smaller convo bubbles are evocative of people in the audience. The repetition of "rubato" also gives a sense of sound waves and sound getting louder (crescendo).

I tried out a black background in this one, and I find its contrast to be nice as well. I feel like it is a little pessimistic and gloomy, and Frishbergs performance is more towards spring. However, the black background seems to make the illustration and type "light up" as if they were under the spot light in a theatre; so it could be taken both ways I guess. My color palette is from an evening sunset (they were color swatched). I decided to stick with three colors, because I want to keep control and not get too carried away.

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thenewprogramme said...

the phone on the swing is a quirky and interesting visual, but the rendering could be much better. could you stage a photo somehow? duct tape a phone to a swing -- make a tape loop and stick it to the bottom of the phone. the drawing isn't too hot but the idea is cool and odd. or maybe collage something together, either semi-realistically or an "obvious" collage so you know it's assembled.