Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Type Mailer Process

This is my poster for the inside of the mailer when it is fully opened, and I created this first and worked my concept from it. I wanted to have no words on the poster and just wanted simply for the veiwer to enjoy the contour of the letter forms and an anallphabetic symbols in a more unusual but pleasing way.

This is the informational side of my mailer, which I am still having problems with. I feel that it is too structured and should be fun like my poster and less rigid. I tried to soften it up by including more of my pattern inside, but I am not sure if it is too much. I also took John Baskervilles hand and put it over top of the text boxes to make it more fun. The analphabetics got a makeover as well, and I moved the title around to make it more interesting and less "default word document" looking. Changing the orientation will hopefully act for more interaction with the viewer when they have to turn the mailer around to read it.

John is now saying "Baskerville is a transitional typeface!" instead of "SPLENDID!" :)

1 comment:

kidwell said...

this is much improved from default!

splendid fits better with the "attitude" of the design.

any other images of john...perhaps he could point out or introduce the proper analphabetic form?

are the analphabetics on the outside of the folded mailer?